Skull Universe is a collection of 10,000 unique and collectable characters trying to bring virtual to reality. Our goal is to fly sky high into outer space with each of our supporters. Skull Universe characters are called NFT’s “Non-Fungible Token” which are bought and sold on the Ethereum blockchain. An NFT can be explained further at


For starters each Skull Universe character also comes with unlockable content that can only be redeemed by the first owner of each character. Skull Universe characters can be found, purchased, and sold at

We then look to expand our brand into the fashion market both virtual and real with some of the initial earnings.

Finally, we look to have owners stake their Skull Universe characters and in return receive a portion of the total merchandise sales each quarter.

So grab your favorite Skull Universe character, and hold on because we are going to fly high in an attempt to become one of if not the most successful community in the metaverse.

We lastly would like to say that we are grateful and appreciative of our supporters and community. If not for them we would not be able to do what we love. So thank you in advance.

Get yours now at Along with following on Twitter